PrET Advantage

PRET is centered on assessing the optimal developmental potential of the youth to provide right employment opportunity. PRET brings with standardization in the process while the process of normalization across various exam cycles ensure that assessment of the candidate against the total human resource pool of that period is relevant and correct.

PRET will be conducted every week and candidates will be allowed multiple attempts to realize their best potential, of course with a cooling-off period of 3 months till the satisfaction of the candidate. Once the candidate has attained his optimal potential, the score will be valid for a period of 3 years during which the candidate will be able to apply for all up-coming examinations, depending on his score level.

To prepare that youth for the new generation of technological adaptation in the examination/recruitment process, online mock test will allow the candidate multiple opportunities to get the feel of computerized assessment, which would be an added advantage for the youth from rural areas or from weaker sections, enabling them to score better in other recruitments conducted by Banking Service Recruitment Boards/Railway Recruitment Board and other recruitment examinations. The candidate will maintain his account with PRET, which will by dynamic in nature. Thus, the PRET platform will have the potential of serving the private sector also in its need for competent youth with specific skill sets.