Hon'ble Chief Minister

Shri Vijay Rupani

Hon'ble Chief Minister,
Government of Gujarat

In absence of benchmarking criteria, aspiring candidates were applying for all kinds of advertisements issued by various agencies in the Government even when the job would have been of lesser challenge than the competence of the candidate. A large number of aspiring youth applying for every single vacancy creates tremendous pressure on the shared infrastructure, which is vital for conducting the recruitment process including the examination. This results in longer recruitment cycles, creating uncertainties for the candidates and making the entire recruitment process inefficient.

To ensure that resources are optimally utilized and the length of examination cycle is brought down, it becomes necessary to introduce a screening test, which is standardized as well as assesses all the candidates for the common skills and against the common syllabus. This approach will ensure that every candidate applies for positions which are suitable for his competence and his skills, thereby encouraging productivity of the pool of human resources.